MF antennas for NDB

MF antennas for NDB

MF T-antenna is designed for equipping NDB "PRA-Parsek" with power of 500W for aircrafts homing with airborne bearing equipment sensitivity not worse than 50 µV/m


Full package includes:

·        antenna (radiator array and suspension rigging for 2 masts)

·        2 masts

·        HF counterpoise (ground or lifted)

·        set of mast warning lights

·        SPTA


·        stationary: (truss masts, stationary counterpoise, installation on a prepared area – according to a project – with foundations for basements and mast anchors and racks);

·        semi-stationary: (tube masts, detachable counterbalance, with minimum amount of construction works for preparing antenna installation area)

Main technical characteristics:

Coverage area

- far homing: Circular up to 150 km (aircraft altitude up to 8 km)
- near homing: Circular up to 50 km (aircraft altitude up to 3 km)
- separate homing: Circular up to 100 km (aircraft altitude up to 6 km)
Operating freaquency range from 190 to 1750 kHz
Max. output power 500 W
Input resistance

- active resistance: from 1 to 30 Ω
- reactive: from minus 3000 to plus 300 Ω
Connection to the radio Via sepparater ATU (part of NDB "Parsek")
Conditions of operation
- max. wind speed

- operating temperature range
- up to 40 m/s without ice deposit
- up to 20 m/s with ice deposit up to 10 mm

from -50 ˚С to +50 ˚С