Automated NDB transmitter «PARSEK-MF»

Automated NDB transmitter «PARSEK-MF»

Automated NDB transmitter «PARSEK-MF»

Parsek-MF radio is designed to be part of the air traffic control and landing system of aircraft on board of aircraft carriers and floating structures.


Full package includes:

·        1 NDB rack

·        Remote antenna circuit

Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range 250–1500 kHz
Channel spacing 1 kHz
Carrier output power 1000 W
Max. output power for all classes of emission 1000 W
Classes of emission А1А, А2А, А3Е, А3Е+А2А, F1B
Homing (А2А)
Transmission (А3Е) 

Automatic output of one -, two-or three-letter Morse code signals at a speed of approximately 7 words per minute in Homing mode (А2А) provided
Modulation frequency (А2А) 1020±50 or 400±25 Hz
Audio frequency band (А3Е) 0.3–3.4 kHz
Max. modulation depth (А3Е, А2А) 95%
Frequency shifts in F1B mode 125, 170, 250 Hz
Keying speed (А1А, F1B) 100 Baud
Power supply 380 V, 50±2 Hz
Control and monitoring:
– local
– remote

provided via Current Loop (CL) and VF
Automatically adjusting ATU in case of changing antenna parameters due to climatic conditions of operation provided
Ability to work on any of the antennas with input impedance parameters: XA from -3 000 to +300 Ω, RA from 2.5 to 30 Ω provided
– transmitter rack
– remote-controlled antenna circuit

1138х650х570 mm
1850х646х678,5 mm