Cabin based Tx system with "RPA-Parsek" NDB installation

Cabin based Tx system with "RPA-Parsek" NDB installation

Cabin based Tx system with "RPA-Parsek" NDB installation

NDB transmitter "RPA-Parsek" is designed to work as part of the air traffic control and landing system of aircraft in short and long range.


Hardware compartments contains:

·        NDB "RPA-Parsek"

·        marker beacon "Marker 734"

Diesel compartments contain the diesel-electric unit.

Remote control equipment (RCE) as for control tower is optional.

The following equipment is controlled by RCE:

·        NDB "RPA-Parsek"

·        marker beacon "Marker 734"

·        diesel-electric unit

"RPA-Parsek" radio may be combined with:

·        Long range AFS (antenna АТ-22, АТ-18)

·        Short range AFS (antenna АТ-8)

Recommended distance between the cabin and the antenna is up to 150 m.

Cabin is equipped with a fire extinguishing system, heating, lighting, ventilation and fire alarm, wiring and other additional life support equipment.

Cabin is equipped individually for every customer.

Features of VLF complex:

·        Installation is simple and prompt
·        May be placed on various floating structures
·        Mobility

Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range 190–1750 kHz
Channel spacing
1 kHz
Carrier output power 500 W
Classes of emission А1А, А2А, А3Е, А3Е+А2А, F1B
Automatic output of one -, two-or three-letter Morse code signals at a speed of approximately 7 words per minute in Homing mode (А2А) provided
Modulation frequency (А2А) 1020±50 or 400±25 Hz
A3E audio frequency band 0,3–3,4 kHz
Audio frequency band (А3Е) 95%
Frequency shifts in F1B mode 125, 170, 250 Hz
Keying speed (А1А, F1B) 100 Bauds
Power supply From 207 to 253 V
Power consumption at 500W emission power up to 800 W
Automatically adjusting ATU in case of changing antenna parameters due to climatic conditions of operation provided
Ability to work on any of the antennas with input impedance parameters: XA from -3 000 to +300 Ω, RA from 2.5 to 30 Ω provided
Operating time at power supply failure with UPS 3000 VA at 250 W output power More than 3 h