HF receiver PT-100 Rx-Ts (Dig)

HF receiver PT-100 Rx-Ts (Dig)

HF receiver PT-100 Rx-Ts  (Dig)

·        Receiver PT-100 PRM-TS is a universal software-defined device with digital signal processing. It ensures receiving telephone and telegraph messages in frequency range from 0,1 MHz to 30 MHz.

·        Might be used separately or as part of automated radio system working in simplex or duplex mode


·        PT-100 PRM-Ts (high selectivity, for use in stationary facilities, might be installed in 12” rack)

·        PT-100 PRM-TsA (high selectivity, mobile amortized version)

Main Features:

The receiver provides:
• remote control (RC) from the external unit via RS-232C interface at a rate of 9600 bps, as well as via RS-422/485, Ethernet interfaces
• local control on the front panel
• availability of analogue (HF-128±20 kHz and TF) and digital (standard IEEE 802,3 1000 BASE) outputs
• reception of signals of emission classes in accordance with the table

Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range 0,1-30 MHz
User-programmable channels 500
Classes of emission R3E, J3E, J7B, F1B (TF-500, TF-170), A1A, G1B
Сhannel spacing
1 Hz
Group delay irregularity of single-band channel from 350 to 2700 Hz and from 300 to 3400 Hz 0,5 ms
Tuning time in case of no signal at receiver’s input Less than 30 ms
Long-term stability
- 5 minutes after turning on
- day
- year

Noise figure
12 dB
AGC range in case of changing output signal for less than 6 dB 90 dB
Range of the 3rd-order intermodulation with interference tuning ±50/100 kHz
80 dBµV
AGC and MGC range 90 dB
Operating temperature range
Critical temperature range
From -10 °С to +50 °С
From -40 °С to +70 °С
MTBF 10 000 h
Service life 15 years
Power consumption 41 W
Version ИЯЛТ.464313.003
Version ИЯЛТ.464313.003-02

132x220x396 mm
132x241x396 mm
Version ИЯЛТ.464313.003
Version ИЯЛТ.464313.003-02

8 kg
9.1 kg
Control remote via Ethernet, RS‑232C/RS‑422/RS-485C