APGK (2-12) antenna set

APGK (2-12) antenna set

APGK (2-12) antenna set

Small-size NVIS antenna is designed to be used as part of field, semi-stationary and stationary HF radio transmitting centers to provide omni-directional radio communication (without blind zones) for short range in various climatic conditions (including Northern, mountainous and seismic regions).


Full package includes:

·        NVIS frame antenna with tuning unit (TU)

·        Control unit

Control unit is placed in control room and provides coupling of the product according to the control commands with transmitter and communication system. This device also implements an algorithm for switching the operating frequency and provides the possibility of manual switching.

Antenna does not generate spike noises.

Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range 2-12 МHz
Max. output power 1 kW
Input impedance 50 Ω (asymmetrical)
Radiation pattern

maximum is oriented in zenith
Gain from minus 5 to 3 dBi
TWR More than 0,25
Operating temperature range from -40 °C to +50 °C
MTBF More than 3000 hours
Service life 10 years
Antenna dimensions (WxDxH) 1500х1000х300 mm
Weight with ATU 38,7 kg
ATU dimensions (WxDxH) 596х410х207 mm
ATU weight 27,6 kg
CI dimensions (WxDxH) 506х250х87 mm
Control unit weight 3,6 kg (control unit needs a power unit – it weights 6,6 kg)