Automated HF broadband transmitter «Vodopad-5»

Automated HF broadband transmitter «Vodopad-5»

Automated HF broadband transmitter «Vodopad-5»

The automated HF broadband radio transmitter "Vodopad-5" is designed for organizing point-to-point and adaptive radio communication lines integrated into stationary communication nodes. 

The set includes:

·        exciter

·        power amplifier rack

·        power-level detector matching unit 

·        air cooling system

·        resistor’s setup, ZIP-0.


Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range 3.0-30 MHz
Output power (peak):
- TWR from 0.7 to 1
- TWR from 0.3 to 0.7

5 kW
3 kW
Power consumption Up to 25 kW
Power lewels 25%, 50%, 100%
Total harmonic distortion minus 30 dB
S/N ratio Less than minus 48 dB
Classes of emission H3E, R3E, J3E, A1A, F1B, F3Е, G1B
Spurious emission Less than 50 mW
Power supply 380+10%-15% V, 50±2 Hz
Programmed channel hopping time Less than 70 ms
Control local and remote via interfaces RS-232, RS-485, Current Loop (CL)via an agreed protocol
Cooling system forced air cooling
Exciters used "Priboy"
- power amplifier rack
- exciter

570х1944х769 mm
446х136х423 mm