Turnkey projects for aviation

Turnkey projects for aviation

Containerized landing systems combine homing equipment and HF-VHF radio communications  equipment for aircrafts and air traffic control centers and are essential for small airports (heliports) and are often used at the first stages of landing system equipping.


Purpose of the equipment

List of the equipment:

1. MF homing complex based on “RPA-Parsek” radio station
2. UHF communication complex based on “Aist” products (transceivers),
3.HF communication complex based on PT line products (transceivers),
4. Local and remote control complex
5. HF, MF and VHF antenna- feeder devices
6. Controller work station (shift engineer) built into the container or taken away
7. Main, standby and emergency electric power supply complex
Turnkey projects for equipping radio centers has been implemented at the airports of Velikiye Luki, Penza, archipelago of Franz Josef Land, Iturup island and the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.
Homing containerized radio station were delivered to Makhachkala and Magadan
Turnkey supplies of equipment have been made to Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk, Kransnaya Polyana settlement, Lunnaya Polyana settlement (Sochi), Lyantor settlement, Komi Republic, Sakhalin , Kunashir , Paramushir Islands and etc.