Solid-state HF transceiver PT-1000Ts

Solid-state HF transceiver PT-1000Ts

Solid-state HF transceiver PT-1000Ts

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The multi-purpose transceivers are used to set up radio communication channels and radio networks (including adaptive ones) for data and voice messages exchange, as part of radio systems, stationary and mobile communication nodes. 


Main technical characteristics:

Tx mode
Operating frequency range 1.5–30 MHz
Channel spacing In 10 Hz
Long-term stability 1х10-7
Classes of emission A1A, J3E, J7D, F1B, G1B, H3E, R3E, Changes are possible on request
– local
– remote

Front panel
RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet (customized options available)
Efficiency 35%
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Output power 1000 W
Audio frequency band in J3E mode 0.35-2.7 KHz; 0.3-3.4 KHz
Output N/R ratio:
– in 1,5…6 MHz range
– in 6…30 MHz range

minus 150 dB/Hz
minus 180 dB/Hz
Harmonic suppression More than 70 dB
Сarrier suppression (J3E)
More than 40 dB
Frequency response unevenness Less than 3 dB
Intermodulation products Less than minus 36 dBРEP
Programmed channel hopping time Less than 50 ms
Tuning time Less than 2 s
Compatibility with antennas with different TWR provided
Rx mode
Operating frequency range 0.4–30 МHz
– J3E (SNR 10 dB)
– F1B

More than 0.97 µV
More than 0.6 µV
Time of tuning to any frequency not more than 50 ms
User-programmable channels 1000
Power consumption
Less than 200 W
AGC attack time in J3E mode:
– increasing signal
– decreasing signal

30 ms
2 s
AGC dynamic range More than 90 dB
Antenna tuning unit built-in
Additional options: Data transmission modem (up to 1800 mbit/s), digital encoder of the telephone signal, antenna-feeder switchboard
Design data
Format Eurocard
Dimensions (WxDxH)) 553х619х655 mm