"PYATIDESYATNIK-E" VLF powerful radio transmitter

"PYATIDESYATNIK-E" VLF powerful radio transmitter

"PYATIDESYATNIK-E" VLF powerful radio transmitter
Containerized version of VLF power radio station provides communication in telegraphy modes.


Advantages of VLF complex:

- Installation simplicity and flexibility
- Allows installation at varies sites and floating platforms
- Mobility and transportability in containers is provided

Main technical characteristics:

Rated output power 100 kW
Operating frequency range (2 sub-bands) 15–30 kHz
Operating modes:
-telegraphy operation in AM mode
-telegraphy operation in FM mode
-telegraphy operation in relative phase-shift keying mode with phase shift from 0° to 180°

data rate up to 100 bauds
сdata rate from 4 to 100 bauds with frequency shift 6,75,100 and 125Hz respectively
data rate 50 bauds and 100 bauds
Net efficiency of radio transmitting station in carrier frequency mode at least 70% with power factor 0,9
Frequency retuning time within the operating range 30 s at most
Telegraphy distortion at power amplifier output in AM and FM modes rate up to 100 Bauds 10% at most
Phase transition time at relative phase – shift keying mode 2,5 ms at most
Radio station equipment is designed for operating in the following environmental conditions:
- temperature inside the container
- relative humidity at the temperature +30°С±2°С

from +10° С to +35° С
Radio transmitting set keeps operating after being exposed to extreme temperatures:
- maximum

Radio station power supply from three-phased AC 10kV 50Hz external network;from three-phased AC 380kV 50Hz external network
Allowable voltage fluctuation of the mains
- mains supply
- frequency

на 10%
4% from the rated values
Rearrangement of power amplifier and functional blocks within entire operating range during frequency change automatically done
Compatible to antennas of input impedance
- Q
- Ха
- Ra parameters

up to 200
from -220 Ohm to +3 Ohm
from 3 Ohm to 10 Ohm
Operating time 24 hours