VLF radio transmitter "Pyatidesyatnik-E"

VLF radio transmitter "Pyatidesyatnik-E"

VLF radio transmitter "Pyatidesyatnik-E"

Cabin based Tx VLF system "Pyatidesyatnik-E" is designed for communication in telegraphy modes.


Features of VLF complex:

·        Installation is simple and prompt

·        May be placed on various floating structures

·        Might work with both stationary antennas and NFPs (for example, with an unmanned aerial vehicle)


Main technical characteristics:

Output power 100 kW
Operating frequency range 15–30 kHz

-telegraphy operation in AM mode
-telegraphy operation in FM mode

-telegraphy operation in relative phase-shift keying mode with phase shift from 0° to 180°
data rate up to 100 bauds
data rate from 4 to 100 bauds with frequency shift 6,75,100 and 125Hz respectively

data rate 50 bauds and 100 bauds

Efficiency More than 70%
Programmed channel hopping time Less than 30 s
Telegraphy distortion at power amplifier output Less than 10%
Phase transition time (G1 mode) 2,5 ms at most
Radio station equipment is designed for operating in the following environmental conditions:
- operating temperature range
- relative humidity (+30°С ±2°С)

from +10° С to +35° С

Critical temperature:
- Max.
- Min.

+ 40°С
- 40°С
Power supply 3 phase, 10 kV ±10%, 50 Hz ±4%;
3 phase, 380 V±10%, 50 Hz ±4%.
Rearrangement of power amplifier and functional blocks within entire operating range during frequency change automatic
Ability to work on any of the antennas with input impedance parameters
- Q
- Ха
- Ra

up to 200 from -220 up to +3 Ω from 3 up to 10 Ω
Operating time round-the-clock