1000 W solid-state HF transmitter R-649

1000 W solid-state HF transmitter R-649

1000 W solid-state HF transmitter  R-649

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HF transmitter R-649 is designed to be used on Navy vessels to organize automated radio communication channels and networks


Main technical characteristics:

Output power 1000 W
Operating frequency range 1.5–30 MHz
Long-term stability  ±1х10-7
Channel spacing 10 Hz
Power  levels 100%, 50%, 25%, 6%
Classes if emission J3E, H3E, R3E, A1A, F1B, G1B, 5F1B,15G1B, M1B, F3E, M1B
Audio frequency band in J3E, R3E, H3E modes 0.3–3.4 kHz
Frequency shifts in F1B mode 100, 125, 170, 200, 400, 500, 1000 Hz
S/N ratio minus 175 dB/Hz
Spectral spurs minus 90 dB
Harmonic suppression 70 dB
Сarrier suppression (J3E) 40 dB
Frequency response unevenness 3 dB
Intermodulation products 36 dB PEP
User-programmable channels 100
Programmed channel hopping time Less than 100 ms
Tuning time Less than 2 s
– local
– remote

Front panel
RS-232C;Current Loop (CL); command wire
TWR of the antenna feeder device at which tuning to antennas is provided More than 0.25
Compatibility with antennas with different TWR provided
Efficiency 30–35%
Power supply 3 phases; 380/220 V,50±2% Hz
MTBF 5000 hours
MTTR 30 min
Dimensions  553х790х1015 mm
Format Eurocard