Powerful Pulse Modulators

Powerful Pulse Modulators
Powerful modulators are designed for pulse energization of RF and SHF pulse oscillating tubes (klystrons and magnetrons), pulse laser pumping, etc.


A device for drive charging used in the modulators is a power supply with a transformless input and an intermediate frequency conversion.
It is based on a resonant voltage inverter with frequency regulation on IGBT transistors, which greatly improves the efficiency of the product.
All modulators have stable and reliable performance and improved weight and size characteristics.

The modulators are used for:

– radiolocation;
– non-destructive testing;
– sterilization;
– tomography;
– in high energy physics installations, etc.

Main technical characteristics:

Pulse power up to 100 MW
Output pulse voltage up to 300 kV
Average power up to 80 kW
Pulse duration 1.5–150 µs
Frequency 1–425 Hz
Overshoot on the pulse top ±0,2%
Instability of pulse amplitude ±0,2%