Automated adaptive communication system “Redan-Pirs”

Automated adaptive communication system “Redan-Pirs”

Automated adaptive communication system “Redan-Pirs”

Communication system (CS) «Redan-Pirs» is designed for voice and data transmission over HF radio channels. The versions differ in transmitter power – 500, 1000 and 5000 W options.



• full automation of communication establishment and maintaining
• might be used as part of stationary and mobile radio centers
• multiparametric adaptation depending on propagation conditions and interference through deliberate change of the operating frequency, data rate in the range from 300 to 9600 bps and code rate from 0.4 to 0.8
• automatic link establishment during communication based on current propagation conditions and signal interference through active channel route sounding
• automatic calculation of frequency in the range of MUF to LUF and drawing up a preliminary frequency schedule
• operation in automated radial radio system with the total number of distant station up to 32
• conference call to the subordinate stations of the network from the main station
• automatic synchronization with standard time signals received from satellite systems GPS and GLONASS, automatic synchronization of the subordinate stations with the main station
• automatic remote control of the transmitter and receiver and a reliable visual control (monitoring) of their technical condition and operation
• automatic event logging in real-time mode with the possibility of displaying information on the screen, as well as storage of data array on system condition and operation modes on a removable medium

The system can operate both independently and linked with the general control system.

CTM «Redan-Pirs» can transmit real-time data coming from different information sources. The protocol for data exchange with ACS can be adapted to different data system types.


1. 500W, 1000W or 5000W HF transmitter.
2. Device for control and signal processing (different versions are possible).
3. HF receiver PT-100PRM-Ts.

Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range (Tx mode) 1,5-30 MHz
Operating frequency range (Rx mode) 0,1-30 MHz
Control Local RS-232, Ethernet
Channel spacing 10 Hz
User-programmable channels 1000
Programmed frequencies hopping time not more than 50 ms
Output power 500, 1000, 5000 W
Power levels 100%, 50%, 25%
Classes of emission (Tx mode) A1A, F1В, G1B, J3Е, A3E, H3E, R3E, J7B, J2D
Classes of emission (Rx mode) A1A, F1В, G1B, J3Е, A3E, H3E, R3E, B7D (USB+LSB), J7D, J7B, J2D
Sensitiviti (J3Е, J7D) More than 0,65µV
Sensitivity (telegraph modes) More than 0,25-1,0 µV