Containerized homing complex with "RPA-PARSEK" radio station installation

Containerized homing complex with "RPA-PARSEK" radio station installation

Containerized homing complex with "RPA-PARSEK" radio station installation
"RPA-PARSEK" MF automated homing radio station provides the aircrafts homing in near and far zones


Purpose of the equipment

Homing complex equipment is located in two compartments of the container – hardware compartments and diesel compartments.

The hardware compartments contains:

- "RPA-PARSEK" MF automated homing radio station.
- Marker beacon Marker 737 with antenna

The diesel compartments contains the diesel-electric set.
Automated remote control (ARC) for control tower installation can be supplied as well.

The following equipment is controlled by ARC:

- "RPA-PARSEK” radio station
- Marker beacon Marker 734
- Diesel-electric set

The antenna –feeder device can be supplied for:

- far homing
- near homing

The container with -"RPA-PARSEK" radio station should be located at a distance of 100 m, at most, from the antenna.
The measuring equipment can be supplied: oscilloscope and tester, UPS with storage battery unit, antennas (for far and near homing).
The container is equipped with fire-extinguishing, heating, lightning, ventilation and fire-alarm system, cabling and other additional life-support means.

We offer tailor-made container sets.

Advantages of using VLF complex:

- Installation simplicity and flexibility
- Allows installation at various sites and floating platforms
- Mobility and ability to move the container
Control and monitoring: - local and remote are provided :- via RS-232 interface or TF (tone frequency) channel up to 15 km

Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range 190–1750 kHz
Frequency setting increment (retuning to any frequency within the range without manufacturer assistance ) 1 kHz
Transmitter output carrier power 500, 250 W and less
Emission classes А1А, А2А, А3Е, А3Е+А2А, F1B
Automatic delivery of one-, two-, three- letter Morse code signals at rate of 7 words per minute for “Homing” mode in A2A emission class. provided
A2A tone modulation signal frequency 1020±50 or 400±25 Hz
A3E audio frequency band 0,3–3,4 kHz
Maximum modulation depth in A3E emission class 95%
Frequency shift for F1B emission class 125, 170, 250 Hz
Maximum telegraphy rate for А1А, F1B emission classes 100 Bauds
Power supply 20 +38%/-57% В, 50±2 Hz
Power consumption at 500W emission power up to 800 W
Operating time 24 hours
Automatic frequency control of antenna tuning unit (ATU) when antenna parameters are being changed depending on a changing environmental operating conditions provided
Compatible to any antennas of input impedance parameters : – XA: from –3000 to +300 Ohm – RA: from 2,5 to 30 Ohm provided
Operating time at power supply failure with UPS 3000 VA at 200 W radiated power 4.5 h., at most