HF automated adaptive radio communications mobile center

HF automated adaptive radio communications mobile center

HF automated adaptive radio communications mobile center
HF automated adaptive radio communication center (based on the platform of R-140M radio station) provides duplex and simplex radio communication in radio route and radio net within HF band. Mobile radio communication center contains automated adaptive complex of technical means (AA CTM) located in the truck body.
The truck and the truck body models are agreed with the customer.


Purpose of the equipment

Mobile radio communication center provides:

• full automation of radio communication establishing and maintaining;
multiparameter adaptation depending on propagation conditions and interference environment via a deliberate change of operating frequency, data transmission rate within the range of 300 9600 bit/s and code rate from 0,4 to 0,8;
• data transmission in real time at the rates 1200 and 2400 bit/sec. via interface S1-E;
• use of active route sounding to select optimal radio communication frequency;
• high reliability of data transmission (at most one distorted sign per billion transmitted signs) through the use of error –correcting codes and automatic repeat request of distorted information;
• operation in radial network in data transmitting mode;
• Automated remote control and transmitter and receiver function check performance;
• Advanced tools of information cryptographic protection in asynchronous mode during data transmission;
• Radio communication both at parking places (at halt) and on the move;
• radio communication between the same type radio stations and old park radio stations as well;
• possibility to interface with local computer networks and automated control systems;
• automatic keeping of electronic hardware log;
• radio station synchronization through GPS and GLONASS satellite system by State Service of Time and Frequency standard time signals in HF stations’ network.

The types of provided communication

- data transmission (text, graphic files and etc. );
- telephone communication;
- telephone communication using the operator’s telephone set or microphone.

Transmitting antennas:*
- symmetrical inclined dipole 2х40 m (1.5 – 5 МHz)
- symmetrical inclined dipole 2x11 m (5 – 16 МHz)
- V-shaped antenna 2x46m (10-30 МHz)
- T-shaped inclined antenna 2x40m((1.5 – 2 МHz)
- T-shaped inclined antenna 2x11m((1.5 – 2 МHz)
- 4m whip antenna (14 – 30 МHz)
- 10m whip antenna (5 – 14 MHz)
- Λ-shaped antenna (20 – 30 MHz)

Receiving antennas: *
- symmetrical inclined dipole 2×11 m (1.5 – 16 MHz)
- V-shaped antenna 2х46 м (10 – 30 MHz)
- 4 m whip antenna (1.5 – 30 MHz)
- Λ-shaped antenna (20 – 30 MHz)

* Anntena types and their quantity are agreed with a customer

Radio equipment includes:

• 1 kW; Transmitter;
• Control and signal processing device;
• PТ-100 Rx receiver;
• Radio relay station ;*
• VHF radio station;*
• Terminal equipment;*
• Antenna- feeder devices of general and long distance communication.

* Equipment complete set is agreed with the customer.

Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range 1,5-30 МHz
Radio communication range:
– at halt
– on move

up to 2000 km
up to 300 km
Transmitter power 1000 W
Transmitter sensitivity
- in telephone mode
- in telegraphy mode

no more 1,1 mkV
no more 0,6-1,0 mkV
Number of programmable frequencies 100
Program frequency tuning time not more than 60 ms
Transmitter power gradation 100%, 50%, 25%
Emission classes J3E, A1A, F1B, G1B, J7D, R3E, H3E
Data transmission rate (text massages and files) from 300 to 9600 bit/s
Transmission rate of synchronous voice data on equipment Т-230 1200, 2400 bit/s
Power supply embedded electric power supply unit or AC one phase external net 380 V, 50 Hz
power consumption not more than 3 kW