Automated homing radio station PARSEK-MF”

Automated homing radio station PARSEK-MF”

Automated homing radio station PARSEK-MF”
MF automated homing radio station is intended for aircrafts homing to aircraft carrying ships and floating platforms. Certificate type No.159 of IAC commission dd. 27.08.1999


Purpose of the equipment

A full set of radio station:

– 1 rack with automated homing radio station rack
– Antenna- tuning unit

Containerized version is available.
On delivery a complete set of radio station the automatic redundancy is provided.

The control circuit comprises::

– "Parsek-M" radio stations
– marker radio beacons

Automated homing radio station "Parsek-M" can also include:

– far homing antenna-feeder device
– near homing antenna-feeder device
The station can be located at a distance up to 100 m from the antenna.

Main technical characteristics:

Operating frequency range 250–1500 kHz
Frequency setting increment (retuning to any frequency within the range without manufacturer assistance) 1 kHz
Transmitter output carrier power 1000 W
Transmitter maximum peak power for all emission classes 1000 W
Emission classes А1А, А2А, А3Е, А3Е+А2А, F1B
«Homing» (A2A class emission),
«Transmission» (A3E class emission)

Automatic delivery of one-, two-, three- letter Morse code signals at rate of 7 words per minute for “Homing” mode in A2A emission class. provided
Frequency of modulating tone signal in А2А emission class 1020±50 or 400±25 Hz
Audio frequency band in А3Е emission class 0.3–3.4 kHz
Maximum modulation depth in А3Е emission class 95%
Frequency shift in F1B in emission class 125, 170, 250 Hz
Maximum rate of telegraph operation in А1А, F1B emission classes 100 Baud
Mains power supply 380 V, 50±2 Hz
Consumption at radiated power 1000W no more 2000 VA
Control and monitoring:
– local
– remote

provided by audio frequency radial serial transmission interface
Automatic frequency control when changing antenna parameters depending on a changing environmental operating conditions provided
Can operate with any antenna which input impedance parameters are : XA from -1600 to +300 Ohm, RA from 0.3 to 10 Ohm provided
Overall dimensions (height x depth x width) :
– transmitter rack
– remote-controlled antenna circuit

1138х650х570 mm
1850х646х678,5 mm