Transistorized HF transceiver PT-500Ts

Transistorized HF transceiver PT-500Ts

Transistorized HF transceiver PT-500Ts

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The family of new generation HF transmitters is intended for use as part of radio centers and stationary and mobile radio communications hubs to arrange automated channels and radio communications networks (including adaptive ones) for data and voice message exchange.
The launch of serial production is planned for 2017.


Main technical characteristics:

Transmission mode
Operating frequency range 1.5–30 MHz
Grid of operating frequencies In 10 Hz
Frequency stability (long-term - for 1 year) 2х10-7
Emission classes A1A, J3E, J7D, F1B, G1B, H3E, R3E, Changes are possible on request
– local

via interface RS-232, RS-485
from the transceiver front panel
Industrial efficiency of the transceive 32%
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Rated output power 500 W
Audio frequency band in J3E mode 0.35-2.7 KHz; 0.3-3.4 KHz
Noise level at the transmitter output:
– in the range of 1.5–6 MHz, at detuning of ±500 kHz
– in the range of 6.0–30.0 at detuning of more than ±10%

minus 170 dB/Hz
minus 180 dB/Hz
Higher harmonic suppression no less than 70 dB
Carrier suppression in SSB mode at J3E class no less than 40 dB
Flatness of frequency response of the SSB path no more than 3 dB
Non-linear distortion of the transmission path no more than minus 36 dBРEP
Programm frequency tuning time no more than 50 ms
Programm frequency tuning time no more than 2 s
Compatibility with antennas with different TWR provided
Provision is made for matching with antennas in the IPM of the AFS no more than 0.2
Reception mode
Operating frequency range 0.4–30 МHz
Signal reception sensitivity:
– in J3E mode (at a signal/noise ratio of 10 dB)
– in F1B mode (TF-170)

no worse than 0.97 µV
no worse than 0.6 µV
Time of tuning to any frequency not more than 50 ms
Number of programmable frequencies 1000
Power consumption in the reception mode no more than 200 W
AGC response time in J3E mode:
– in signal increase
– in signal decrease

30 ms
2 s
AGC dynamic range no less than 90 dB
Antenna tuning unit built-in
Additional options: data modem at speeds up to 1800 bit/s, digital telephone signal coding, antenna-feeder switch
Design data
The transceiver is performed in version «Euromechanics 19"»
Dimensions (WxDxH)) 553х619х520 mm