ARMY 2018: looking back

ARMY 2018: looking back

The 4th International Military-Technical Forum “Army- 2018” officially closed its doors on 26/08/18. More than a million visitors were given a unique chance to admire the latest achievements of the Russian military industry. PJSC RIPR together with its long standing partner PJSC “Priboy” proudly presented a range of exhibits demonstrating our scientific and industrial potential.

One of the main aims of such exhibitions is facilitating productive dialogue between various representatives of the defense industry and the Ministry of Defense in the light of the new developments in military science and technology.

This year RIPR exhibited not only its well-known products but also some newly developed ones such as radio transmitter PP-5000 and radio station “Kiparis” RC-10. Visitors were most impressed by our multifunctional complex “Konstruktor”, a unique product based on Russian military processors and operational systems. Another noteworthy exhibit demonstrated to the public is Kwirit, a channel forming device with a graphical touch interface.

Looking back at the exhibition, we take pride in the fact that our company displayed more samples of HF/VHF radio communication equipment than any other participant.

Undoubtedly, experts are another indispensable part of every exhibition and forum. Our very own Nicholai Chistyakov, Head of technical information department, was a designated speaker at one of the round table discussions; he spoke about potential future developments in HF radio transmitting devices and their practical application for the Russian Armed Forces. RIPR’s extensive experience in designing high power HF radio transmitters by combining several transmitters of the same type is well-known and cannot be undermined.

At the end of the Forum the company was awarded an Active Participant Diploma.

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