Home of our history reopened its doors on 18 May 2021, International Museum Day. Initially the museum was dedicated to the company’s centennial celebrated on 29 November, 2011.

Our museum tells the stories of our contribution to the radio engineering industry. — ‘I admire the efforts which V. Gorlatov has put into creation of this fascinating place’ said V. Rautian, the museum’s curator. — ‘But we must go on. Back then, there were glass showcases which are not traditionally associated with radio engineering. We decided to breathe a new life into our history getting inspiration from the industrial field we are in. Now you are able to see the fruits of our labour.’

The museum presents cutting-edge equipment as well as devices from decades past: from simple transistors and resistors to variometer coils and porcelain isolators. These and many more were created by our dedicated workers. Now, the exhibits are placed on the central stand with other artifacts tracing the development of our radio industry.

So many years, heroes and inventions unite us today. — ‘It’s essential not only to preserve our history, but also to fill the blank pages – to look ahead and keep future in mind.’ – said Saveliy Zhitomirskiy, the CEO of TIRA Corporation.

We express our gratitude to everyone who tirelessly works on preserving our history and hope that one day the works of our current colleagues will be showcased in the renovated museum to inspire future generations.

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