We are proud of you!


On February 22, the official ceremony of awarding the Ministry of Defence medals was held in the conference-hall.

According to the Ministry of Defence personnel decree No. 900 from December 17, 2018 the medals were given to:

Dmitry Ibragimov, Managing Director of RIPR JSC

“Strengthening of Brotherhood in Arms” for a great personal contribution and assistance in solving the tasks assigned to the Russian Armed Forces.

Andrey Tkachenko, special representative of RIPR JSC

“Mikhail Kalashnikov” for excellence in putting into operation the modern samples of arms and military equipment.

Aleksey Zaykin, the head of scientific and technical antenna feeder systems department of RIPR JSC

“For achievements in innovative technologies development” for a significant contribution to implementing innovations and engineering support of high-risk and cutting-edge research and development in the field of defence.

Vitaly Dragunov, project lead of RIPR JSC

“For Labour Valour” for conscientious performance of work duties and long distinguished service.

Our congratulations! We wish you success in your future endeavours for the benefit of our Motherland!

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