"Russian Institute for Power Radioengineering", the first such company in Russia, is the leading designer of high quality radio communications, broadcasting and data transmission equipment for professional use.

The company offers integrated solutions starting with research, preproduction design and initial testing to manufacturing, maintenance, operation and modernisation.

RIPR is the only company in Russia and one of the few in the world whose unique expertise allows it to design and develop modern high power radio transmitting complexes. Our scientific innovations in the field of radio engineering are widely recognised.

RIPR, part of TIRA Corporation, is based in St Petersburg. It incorporates several research laboratories and provides opportunities for completing postgraduate studies with its own Scientific Council.

Business segments

  • Research and preproduction design for knowledge-intensive industry
  • Repair, restoration and modernisation works
  • Installation, commissioning, support and warranty services
  • Development of system and application software
  • Consulting services


  • Transmitting/transceiving complexes both stationary and mobile
  • Automated operator workplaces

  • HF and MF antennae

  • Turnkey transceiving radio centres and aircraft landing systems

  • Communication equipment for inland waterway transport, maritime transport
  • ELF, ULF and VLF radio transmitting sets, dedicated power plants
  • ULF and ELF radio equipment for geological and geophysical survey
  • High capacity power supply units
  • Cathodic protection systems

Going global

Professional Radio Communication

HF/MF/LF broadcasting


Andrey Zhokhov

Managing Director


He was born on January 1, 1976 in Veliky Novgorod. In 1999 Zhokhov graduated from The Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University with a degree in radio electronics.

In 2000-2001 – he participated in a Leadership and Management Federal programme studying Economics and Business Administration.

In 2002 he completed his post graduate studies with a degree in Economics.

Zhokhov worked as a Director of Operations, Executive Director in various companies and as of 2017 Managing Director of Aerodrommash.

From July1, 2022 he took the position of Managing Director of RIPR.

PhD in Economics, author of 9 and co-author of 4 scholarly publications.

Andrey Zhokhov

Aleksei Zaikin

Chief Technology Officer

Zaikin was born on 19 July 1964 in Orenburg. He graduated with distinction from Orenburg Pedagogical State Institute with a degree in Physics.

In 1985, Zaikin joined the Comintern Scientific Production Association where he started as an engineer and worked his way up to the Head of the science and technology facility.

In 1998, he completed his postgraduate degree in the Russian Institute for Power Radioengineering (RIPR).

Zaikin specializes in transmitting antenna-feeder devices, radio communications and radio-wave propagation.

As a renowned research advisor, chief designer of several R&D Zaikin was bestowed with numerous state and ministerial awards.

Aleksei Zaikin