"RIPR" JSC has more than 100 years of experience in radio engineering and is well-known and recognized both in Russia and abroad. We offer collaboration in the field of calibration and maintenance of measuring equipments, testing in special laboratories, commissioning, installation, personnel training. With us you can be sure that you get a professional, reliable and local business partner for many years to come.

Calibration and maintenance of measuring equipment
"RIPR" JSC Metrological service possesses accredited laboratories for calibration of measuring instrument for taking measures in radio technical, electrical and linear angular values. We offer calibration services on  modern reference equipment registered in Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology .

We provide maintenance of measuring equipments. We have a Certificate of Accreditation in the field of providing measurement uniformity to perform works and (or) provide services in calibration of measuring instruments No. RA.RU.311661 received 14.06.2016, register number No. 0006611.

Tel.:  +7 (812) 328-06-21 extension 722,
Tel./fax.: +7 (812) 323-65-80,

Performing tests in special premises
Tests are performed in environmental chambers:
- TBV-100 from 120˚ С up to minus 70˚ С
- MZH-33 from 100˚ С up to minus 80˚ С, humidity 10…95%
- КТВХ-30 from 70˚ С up to minus 60˚ С, humidity 35…98%
- WTHCW-8200 from 70 up to minus 80˚ С, humidity 20…98%

Besides "RIPR" JSC performs vibration and shock tests :
  - at vibration electrodynamic  bench  (max load 300kg, F from  5-1500 Hz, at min . load  43 q, at max load 4 q)
-  at chock testing bench ( max load  500kg, max acceleration at min load  500q, pulse duration up to 14ms  )
--  at chock testing bench (max. load 50 kg , 10-150q up to 2-5 ms)

Tel.: +7 (812) 328-45-50 ext. 155
Supervised installation
Supervised Installation is carried out in strict compliance with the designed project and within the schedule specified in the contract.
The procedure of supervised installation is always agreed with the customer. Supervised installation is carried out by qualified specialists with many years of experience in these types of works.
Tel.: +7 (812) 328-45-50 ext. 115
Commissioning is carried out after installation when electronic equipment is put into operation.

Commissioning works are done by highly qualified specialists of "RIPR" JSC with higher technical education who are specifically authorized to work with servicing equipment

Tel.:: +7 (812) 328-45-450 ext. 288, +7 (812) 328-45-50 ext. 572
Air navigation : +7 (812) 328-45-50 ext. 774
Specialists training
"RIPR" JSC has a wide-scale educational programme for postgraduate and Ph.D students.  In 2011 the institute received a lifetime license for delivering training courses and educational programmes. Presently our specialists have defended 100 masters’ dissertations and 8 doctoral dissertations.

We currently have two postgraduate opitions: distance learning (5 years) and full-time learning (4 years).

Tel.:: +7 (812) 328-44-50 ext. 310; +7 (812) 328-09-23